3 easy ways to back up your data on Android


#1. Using your computer.


Using a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer and ensure that you select mass storage from the android phone. Once you are done, press the menu on the phone and ensure that all the apps are wide. In the computer, you will find out that a new storage has been formed and indicates the name of your phone. Just double click it and it will open exposing all the apps and folders in your phone. Copy everything and then disconnect your phone. You can then use Google to back up your data and return it to the phone if you need.

#2. Use of back apps.


You just need to download the app in Google store like the Helium app. This is the tool that is going to ensure that you data is perfectly restored and there is no compromise in data structure at all. You normally buy these apps but some of them can be earned through referrals where you can refer people to download it and you will get it for free but the problem is that it needs a lot of space.

#3. Piece by piece back up.


You can go settings, select the privacy settings option. From there, you can then choose the automatic restore option which will definitely direct you to Account and Synchronization. Here you have to select Google because it is the best option to deal with. Go ahead and tick the boxes one by one.

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